My Life Purpose (REPLY WITH YOURS)


WIDMusic: For Helping People Find God But In a Positive way. (Just Like Putting The Medicine With The Candy.)For Some Reason I Don’t Want To See My Brothers And Sisters Die Over Ignorant Music There’s More To Live Life For Than Pussy, Money Weed.

Ever since I Came Here And Heard This Type Of Music, My View And Perception Of Life Change Completely. I Lost My Morals, I Lost My Faith, I Became Consumed By The Culture, I Done Things That I Would Have Never Dreamed Of Doing, So Because Of That I Came To This Conclusion, That There Is Foul Play At Hand In This System That I Currently Reside In.

I Want To Change It, Not For The Sake Of Change But The Sake Of Improving Life For The Future.

Because Even Tho I Don’t Know You, I would I Wish I Would Have Had The Chance To Get To know You And Spent Time With You.

Peace, Love And Happiness To You  

Happy Holidays